Recoil Control for M&P M2.0

Introducing the New THUMB REST Takedown Lever

Master Recoil

The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand's thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol reduces support hand slippage while providing an index point for a consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Swap from the flat takedown lever to offer maximum control and speed in Smith&Wesson® M&P M2.0® pistols for a competitive edge.

M&P M2.0 Thumb Rest

Secure Design

The thumb rest ledge extends 30 degrees forward of the center of rotation, directing applied pressure (counter clockwise) towards an included over-travel stop to rigidly remain locked in place. When used in the opposite direction (clockwise) for disassembly, rotation is easy with a simple pinch and turn of the ledge.

Enhanced Trigger Pin

We've taken our takedown lever to the next level by including an enhanced trigger pin with anti-rotation stop, which is designed to engage a back-face channel bottom for added security.

Horizontal Position Stop

When rotated up to the horizontal position, our Thumb Rest Takedown Lever has the same security as our similar patented/patent-pending Thumb Rests.


Establishing a two-handed grip creates a naturally angled cant of one’s support hand thumb. Incorporating a secondary receiving slope of 15 degrees allows for evenly distributed thumb pressure and serves as a guide for settling into proper contact position (with the thumb print pressed flat onto the rest).

USPSA Production Approved

Are you ready?” for clearing stages faster than ever with your M&P M2.0®? Upgrade to the ultimate performance components for USPSA production* class and above.

*Per Section 21.6 - Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components, our takedown lever received USPSA NROI validation under the classification and definition of approved “pins” being comprised of a cylindrical shaft that traverses through the pistol to hold things together, such as the slide assembly to the lower.

**IDPA International body validated for ESP and Carry Optics Divisions

Compatible Holster Manufacturers


*These manufacturers have been tested and validated for compatibility with Align Tactical performance components. Safariland 63XX series Duty LIGHT-BEARING models (6390) validated for smooth operation.

Werkz "Outlier" model provides a single holster that is compatible with all current and future Align Tactical Thumb Rests, across all pistol manufacturers we offer.

Fits existing Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2 models of trigger guard holsters.

Product option listed for SOUSA Tactical on product pages.


S&W M&P 2.0 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

S&W M&P 2.0 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

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The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER is compatible with Smith&Wesson® M&P M2.0® pistols, Metal and Polymer versions in 9/40/10mm/.45ACP (Not compatible with original M&P 1.0 versions). Hardened S7 tool steel part finished in Black Oxide. Approved for USPSA Production and Carry Optics. Thumb Rest Made in USA with lifetime warranty. Trigger Pin with built-in anti-rotation stop included.

*Holster selection requires clearance for extended ledge. Refer to Align Tactical's Compatible Holster Manufacturers for select models from Safariland, Werkz, and Raven Concealment Systems with dozens more in development from our holster partners.